Top 7 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

Top 7 SEO Trends to Know for 2021

Search engine optimization is the most effective way to organically attract users to your online platforms as long as you’re setting it up correctly. SEO is constantly changing and advancing which is why it’s important to stay on top of the latest updates. Here are seven of the new top trends for SEO in 2021.

Content That Fulfills the Google Principle Will Rank Higher

Content quality is critical for having great success in your rankings. To ensure that you have the highest quality content for your website it’s important to remember a few aspects. Creating a buyers persona will help you figure out what sort of content that your clients value the most. To map out the consumer journey you can conduct a search intent research that will provide you with useful information to create content for your website that fits the format that viewers will prefer.

Featured Snippets Will Become More Prominent

Featured snippets came out in 2017 and ever since then it has been one of the most popular shortcuts that Google released. Having a featured snippet is a great way to get your website on the first page of results on Google. Featured snippets show a short amount of information but enough to draw potential leads in if the content is engaging to the viewers.

Predictive Search Set to Improve

Content is ranked on Google based on algorithms that inspect content quality and users’ interest online. Although Google has not specified precise factors it seems that location and browsing history, app usage, and search history are all relevant.

An Effective SEO Strategy Will Need to Include Videos

Youtube has over 1 billion users and it’s an effective tool for your SEO strategy. Creating a video on this platform provides additional content for your users and can also promote more engagement from those viewers. It’s important to remember that your video should also be optimized with your video channel name and the description. The description should be clear and not be over cluttered with keywords but provide a user-friendly outline of what your channel is about. Keywords are crucial in this case and looking up the videos topic in the search field will bring up suggested keywords that will ultimately draw more viewers in.

Image Optimization Plays a Larger Role in Search

Visual image search has been evolving over the years to one day allowing users to look up images on Google to purchase products or to search up information. Google has always insisted on having proper markings and having your images optimized so when this new visual search launches images can be properly searched online. If the images on your website are not optimized yet, it’s a good time to start this process. Make sure to use relevant high-quality images and labeling the file name to match the content on the corresponding pages.

More Importance Placed on Semantically Related Keywords

Primary keywords used to be the main focus for SEO professionals but now we know that secondary keywords are just as important. Semantic search and intent optimization will be used greatly in the future as Google isn’t just looking at a few words anymore they’re analyzing query context. Ensuring that you have relatable primary and secondary keywords is a tool that will greatly enhance the traffic to your site.

Data and Analytics Should Be A Priority to Stay Ahead in Your Rankings

Data and Analytics lets you better understand buyers, visualize campaigns and create targeted messages to your users and can also help you verify specific information. There are many SEO industry tools out there but using data science to identify these pages will help you stay on top of these important details and address problems right away. This method lets you also see where you’re succeeding and which area that needs improvement in your website presence.


SEO continues to evolve over the years and implementing these specific trends in your daily SEO for your website will ensure that all of your content on your website is optimized to overcome any changes made by Google in the near future. Having the right SEO tools and staying ahead of new trends will only benefit your website in the long run.

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SEO During Covid-19

SEO During Covid-19

The coronavirus has greatly increased internet usage in 2020 and continues to increase exponentially in 2021. This has caused some businesses to receive a lot more search traffic online and others not as much. This means that search engine optimization can look different depending on the industry you’re in.

For businesses that are relevant or even essential to visitors, there has been an increase in traffic during these times. For this reason SEO is an extremely important factor for your website to stand out online and be picked over your competitors in search results.

There has been some misinformation regarding SEO during Covid-19 and many facts remain that state the importance of SEO. Here are a few of the facts we wanted to highlight about SEO during Covid-19.

Fact #1: Evergreen content is key

Writing about trending topics when they are related to your business is a given but these pages that you introduce to your site will decline in traffic over time. Since higher authority websites will take over the first page results, your pages are also less likely to rank in the first place. To continue receiving a positive amount of traffic to your website over time it’s important to have content written on evergreen topics regarding your business.

Fact #2: SEO traffic to your website

Search engine optimization is not simply to increase your websites traffic with users but to have greater visibility online to draw in qualified traffic. The information you decide to focus on will have a dramatic impact on the amount of visitors who are finding their way to your website. Having SEO in place will help you find highly interested visitors who can potentially turn into leads in the future.

Fact #3: Search is becoming more important

Traffic to some websites from search engines may be fluctuating at this time but that doesn’t mean that traffic from search engines is going down as well. Some generations of consumers are now using voice assistants or mobile devices to search certain things online. Search will continue to remain a crucial part of SEO and it’s important to adapt and also optimize your website to the advancing search platforms that are available.

Although SEO has been fluctuating since the beginning of the coronavirus, it is far from useless to implement for online businesses right now. As we know that search engine optimization during these times can be difficult it’s important to be aware and educated on how to advance your website’s SEO.

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How Long Does SEO Take?

How Long Does SEO Take?


As a first time client or first time launching a new website you may ask yourself “how long does SEO take?”. There is never a simple answer to give to a question like this. Search engine optimization has drastically changed over time and often people have an understanding of SEO that doesn’t necessarily exist anymore.

Search engine optimization is one of the more complex aspects of your online presence and it’s important to take your time when it comes to creating a domain name and content for your website. Keywords and content play a huge role in SEO and knowing your audience is the best place to start.

In your first month you should be looking into research and discovery for your brand. By doing this necessary research before starting SEO, you are finding the right keywords and creating a strategy for your website.

There is no telling how long your research and discovery can take and in some cases it can last much longer than a month. Once you’ve finally found the best strategy for the website, the technical portion of SEO begins. Depending whether you’re creating a brand new website or revamping an existing one it’s important to remember that you need to optimize your content to provide a high-quality experience for your users. By optimizing your content and your website for Google’s algorithm you’re ensuring that the proper keywords will be found once a user searches them up on their search engine.

Continuing to create new content as you go and re-optimizing as Google’s algorithm changes is key. As we all know, SEO evolves every year and as a web designer it’s important to remain aware of these changes for yourself and your clients.

Many SEO firms would estimate that it could take from 4-6 months to create a full SEO strategy for your website and that is typically the ideal timeline but as we mentioned, you shouldn’t put a timeline on a very important aspect that has the most effectiveness on your website. To have the most success in your SEO it’s important to remember that these key factors and elements need to be implemented in order to have continuous traffic to your website. However, if you have the right SEO budget for your website and have an experienced marketing team to take on this task, you should be able to see an increase over the following months after the website has launched and it should draw in potential new leads from there on!

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How will SEO change in 2021?

How will SEO change in 2021?

There are thousands of changes made to Google’s algorithm each year that will have an impact on SEO. Staying updated while also being aware of these changes will significantly help you stay in the right direction when it comes to SEO. Out of the many changes that will occur we’ve found four things that will change with SEO in 2021 and we wanted to share these with you.

Rankings Will Fluctuate

One thing that you need to know about SEO is that your rankings will always fluctuate since many factors go into SEO rankings. Using a user-first approach to your search engine optimization techniques should lead to a rising of your rankings throughout the year. Since your Google traffic will fluctuate over time it’s important to get used to this as you see an increase of traffic to your site. Although it will change as time goes, it’s important to remember that this doesn’t mean your content is not great quality but rather that Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.

Good User Experience Is Everything

Having a good user experience is now a crucial part of SEO. Going into 2021 more users have been conducting their searches on a mobile device. For this reason, it’s important to have your website optimized for mobile environments to ensure the user is having a great experience while also experiencing the highest quality on their mobile device. Optimization is not only about having speed on your page or the highest quality content but it’s overall based on offering the best user experience.

Content-Length Will Not Matter

Content in 2021 is all about having straight-forward information and to avoid all of the fluff that usually creates a lot of clutter on your site. Producing the highest quality content while remaining at a low keyword density is the best way to keep your users from getting overwhelmed on your website. Having the content as short as possible will help the users search as quickly as possible and receive the information they need.

Voice Search

And lastly, voice search has been slowly playing a huge role in mobile users. As we head into 2021 new companies are releasing ways to search up topics through voice search allowing users to access information directly by the sound of their voice. Users will continue to use voice searches which will take over more of our daily search engine queries.

Although Google goes through a great amount of algorithm changes each year and SEO is continuously changing on its own, it’s important to ensure that you stay on top of new changes that are being made. As rankings fluctuate time and time again, you just need to change the way you apply your SEO and be patient when it comes to seeing real results.

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Top 7 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

Top 7 Google Ranking Factors in 2021

SEO is the most dynamic field in digital marketing which continues to evolve every year. That being said, it’s important to keep up with new trends and changes in Google’s Search ranking algorithms. We have highlighted and broken down our top seven Google ranking factors of 2021:

Content Quality

Content quality is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when you’re optimizing your website. The content that’s shown should have real value to your website and should also incorporate engaging information. As we do notice that more comprehensive content usually achieves the highest rankings it’s also important to note that quality is better than quantity- focus on the value of the content rather than the amount of words provided on the page.


Google’s Freshness Algorithm originally came out in 2010 and has had a huge impact over the past few years. Refreshing old content that is outdated and that is not ranking anymore will not only improve the look of your site’s content but it will also help get those rankings up on Google.

Mobile First

Google announced in 2016 that they are releasing a mobile-first indexing which means that search rankings will be affected if your website is not compatible nor optimized. Web designers need to update all website content to provide a high-quality user experience. On top of optimizing the website’s content it’s important to remember that Google’s mobile-first search has changed and allows users to get local results that better target their specific location. Although this mobile-first approach has changed we recommend optimizing your website to allow for these searches to produce more traffic for your site.

Page Speed

Page speed is extremely important when it comes to mobile-first indexing from Google. If your page has a slow loading speed it will have less chance to rank at top results. The main goal for Google when it comes to page speed is to provide the best and most convenient experience for users.

Brand Power and Social Signals

Searches that are branded will provide great success to Google’s search algorithm. These branded searches create a lot of traffic online and the more likely they are to be recognized by the Google algorithm. That said, adding social signals from social media platforms will also draw in more search rankings. Organic traffic is not just made with a great online presence but sites that incorporate brand power and social signals through their SEO channels can achieve a great amount of visibility online.

Domain Power

Domain power has drastically changed over time as more websites are created online. The more exact-match domains will not be as visible online as they used to be. This being said, domains still have influence and it’s important to remember that exact-match domains can still draw in a lot of users, incorporating a keyword in your domain name gives you a higher chance of driving traffic to your site from Google’s search engine.

User Experience

Finally user experience is the last top Google ranking factor of 2021. The more Google’s algorithm advances and changes overtime, it will always have one purpose and that is to have the best user experience online. As web designers it’s important to remain aware of these changes made by Google and to optimize as the algorithms changes, to ensure your online presence and functionality of your website creates the best user experience.

The year 2020 was a big year for changes in search engine optimization marketing strategies. As SEO can account for a large part of your traffic it’s important to always stay on top of these factors in order to maintain and be successful in your online presence.

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Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2021

Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2021

Are you looking for new leading trends in web design to give your website a refreshed look this year? In the web design industry, trends change and adapt to new society norms every year. At Nova Solutions we strive to keep up-to-date with these new trends and want to share with you a few of our top 10 favourites that can have a grand impact on your website’s design in 2021.

Light Colors

Firstly, using light colors has a huge impact on the appearance and visibility of your website. It’s often preferred to use lighter colors rather than using darker colors. The sharpness of the screen as well as the clarity can cause the colors to overpower and even be potentially stressful to the human eye. Adding those light colours to your web design will encourage users and visitors to stay and engage on your website page longer.

Negative Colors

Web designers have been implementing vibrant and bold colours as a way to draw more attention to the website design as well as to attract a younger audience by implementing those types of colour palettes. It’s been a very popular and effective way of keeping viewers engaged for years now and continues to be a leading trend in web design.

Black & White Illustrations With Textures

Black and white hand drawn designs have been in the journalism and web design industry for years now and over time these illustrations have had a great impact on web design. This trend that was once hand drawn by illustrators and cartoonists has made a huge comeback in web design in 2021 and adds a timeless and modern look to your website.

Creative and Atypical Product Photos

Using 3D designs and simulations adds a visual technique for keeping users on your site for longer. This trend remains one of the most popular ways to add more visual designs and content but in a more drastic way without being overpowering to your website visitors.

Collage Art

Collage art has been in web designs for decades now and continues to be the best and most effective way to showcase all of your content in one place without overpowering the look of your site. Adding solid colours, patterns and illustrations to your web design will not only upgrade the overall look but will also make it more inviting for users.

Seamless Surrealism

A popular trend of 2021 is adding a surrealist style to your already existing content and web graphics. Seamless Surrealism adds a new perspective and view on a product that is already existing but makes visitors see it in a completely different light. Using this trend will not only benefit the item that you’re showcasing but it will add a story behind the design which is particularly popular in 2021.

Playful Typography Effects and Animations

Using playful typography effects and animations on your website not only enhances the design but also draws in and keeps users interested and entertained while visiting your website. Creating a design that’s structured on shapes and different fonts is one of the easiest ways to complete your web design template and make your website stand out online.

Elegant Serif Fonts

Font styles for web designers have been changing and progressing over the years and it’s very important to stay ahead of new designs to keep your website looking up-to-date and refreshed. This is one of the easiest ways to update your website and keeps users in touch with the modern yearly trends.

Black Outline

Web designers have come to love using a black font or black outline in their designs. This technique has a very sleek way of adding definition and always has a very powerful impact on the engagement of users on your website.

Hover Gallery Menu

Lastly, one of the underlying elements of web design is the hover gallery menu. This very simple design technique adds an organized and simplistic look to your website that all users will appreciate every time they visit your website.

Web design trends change every year and as a designer it’s very important to stay on-top of these trends to make your website look approachable and engaging for your users. We love to share our top design trends yearly and learn new ways to upgrade any website look.

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The 4 Key Elements of Landing Pages

The 4 Key Elements of Landing Pages

We all know the importance of perfecting a landing page design to draw potential visitors in to turn them into new leads. We have come up with four different key elements of a landing page to successfully create a design that will help visitors to navigate through this page to inquire about your services.

No matter how you decide to organize your landing page it’s important to remember that this is the first page a visitor will see. We have broken them down into four key elements to ensure you have all a successful landing page!

The headers and Hero Banners

When a visitor clicks on your ads they are already making the decision of following through and accessing your website. The first thing they will see on your landing page is the header or the Hero Banner which is the most valuable real estate on your landing page. To have an effective banner you need to make sure that it has the following:


?It should clearly show your branding and logo,

?It should have a clean and captivating design to draw in the visitor,

?And finally a headline or title that enhances and creates curiosity to your visitors.


As the header is one of the first things a visitor will see once it opens up on the landing page it’s important to add all of the necessary content. This provides the customer with enough information before they’ll take action to move forward through your website. Having clear and strategic information on the landing page promotes the visitors to continue through your website and also clarifies all of the services that you provide upfront.

The Layout

The layout itself reflects a lot on the effectiveness of your landing page. It’s important to be strategic while implementing information and designs on your landing page. The landing page should remain uncluttered and have an inviting design for visitors.


And finally for our fourth key element we have the landing page footers. Most landing pages do include footers noting any additional information you want to have on the landing page for example this could be legal information, links to pages such as social accounts or contact information and much more. We found that if you convert the landing page to implement all of these key elements the visitor should already be drawn in after reading the initial header.

Including these four key elements on a landing page will create successful engagement and curiosity for your visitors while promoting more traffic from the landing page to convert into potential customers!

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Does Your Website Design Need To Be Mobile Friendly in 2021?

Does Your Website Design Need To Be Mobile Friendly in 2021?

Mobile-friendly websites have become an essential part of 2021. As the years go on and technology advances more users have been accessing information from their phones or mobile devices. It’s important to remember that not only are people searching topics on their phone but having a proper website design that is optimized to be used on mobile devices is crucial nowadays. Optimizing your website’s design to display properly on wireless devices should be the main priority for your website.

As we go into 2021, internet users will continue to rise throughout the year and it should be? a priority to make sure you can accommodate users on their mobile devices to continue getting traffic to your website also to create potential new leads.

There has been a huge increase of users on the internet and an estimated 4.4 billion people accessing networks and websites online. Most people who are searching for topics or specific searches often click on the most accurate and user friendly website that comes up.

Enhancing your customers experience is a simple way to ensure you have recurring traffic and it can be done in a few simple ways. As we touched on optimizing your website to accommodate mobile devices, we also know that mobile-friendly websites are easy to navigate, look clear on a mobile device and are also engaging.

This would be a benefit for visitors as they would have a better experience since they don’t have unnecessary buttons, menus or task bars to go through to access the information they’re looking for. By optimizing your website design, the pictures and content on your website would be the appropriate size for a mobile device. Not only would the website design look high end but the website will load quickly and easily with the users network.

And lastly another important factor to consider is your website’s rankings. Google’s search ranking algorithms take hundreds of different factors into consideration when they compile all of the search results. Mobile usability is one of the most crucial factors that are considered when a user searches for your keywords and this increases the visibility to help visitors find your website.

Optimizing your website to be mobile friendly is something that most website designers will need to implement.. As the amount of people who own and use mobile devices increases in 2021, it’s important to remember that websites should also be updated to accommodate this growing amount of users.

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Why Does Landing Page Design Matter?

Why Does Landing Page Design Matter?

We are often asked why a landing page design matters to your overall website. We explain the main reasons why we find it to be one of the most crucial pages because it has the most effectiveness on a viewer.

A landing page design is the first page that a user will view after clicking on a Google search result, marketing promotion, marketing email or an online advertisement. From a viewer standpoint, as soon as they click this button they are interested in looking at your website. From there, it is your job to implement a highly strategic page so viewers can feel engaged and interested right away.

Ideally the best landing page is one that provides a clear design in order for the visitors to navigate naturally through your website. This page is one of the best ways to engage your visitor in moving forward with your services- that is filling out a typeform, survey or making a call to discuss your services and products that you offer.

Since ads may be significantly low in cost depending on your keywords, it’s important to have a page that is engaging to the visitor to promote using your website and moving forward with your services.

It’s important to remember that visitors are already interested and motivated once they click on your ads but it’s up to your digital marketing team to implement all the necessary information and to optimize your landing page to convert these visitors into leads and potential customers.

A landing page is the first thing that the visitor will see after visiting your site and it’s important to have the landing page as inviting and interesting for your visitors as possible. A landing page design is one of the most crucial parts of your website and it has the potential of turning visitors into new leads for your website!

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Website Design Costs in 2021

Website Design Costs in 2021

As we enter 2021, we’re often asked how much a web design costs in 2021 and we’re here to give you some insight.

You may be looking to create or revamp a website and you’re probably wondering how much the cost would be to do this in 2021. With professional web designers you could be looking at a wide range of prices to redesign or create a new website. At Nova Solutions we focus on the fact that building a custom web design with us is one of the best investments you can make.

There are a variety of factors that go into a design cost that could include the amount of pages, the style of the design, SEO placement, responsive designs, and much more. Web design is one of the main factors in building a new website and it’s important to invest in a web designer who understands and knows how to build a beautiful website as well as an online presence that will draw users in.

Considering that 75% of users judge a company’s credibility by it’s website design it’s important to invest and implement all of the key elements into your web design. At Nova Solutions we have learned over the years how web design trends change and adapt year after year and we’re always staying up-to-date with these trends to ensure we’re able to successfully create a web design to remain modern and innovative.

The most important factor to consider while discussing web design costs is that it’s entirely scalable. Not only is this important but another consideration in managing your web design costs is how your website will look and the functionality of the website afterwards. The team at Nova Solutions are experts in web design and create a functional and user-friendly website that can increase your potential new leads.

If you’re thinking of having a website redesigned or even creating a brand new website design from the ground up it is an investment that’s worth making. Having the right team of web designers who understand and can achieve the best functionality and create a great design for your website is one that should never be looked over. At Nova Solutions, not only are we focused on creating a new design but also achieving great online presence while having your website meet all of the expectations and criterias of the web design in 2021.


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