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Google Maps Business Listing

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Google Places Optimization?

Google, the world’s largest search engine, utilizes Google Places as a deciding factor in their organic search results.

While theoretically this allows legitimate businesses to thrive in the online community, the sheer amount of scamming and noise involved has made it difficult for proper businesses to show up in results—creating a need for professional Google Places optimization.

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Google Places optimization will ensure that the information for your business is displayed properly when found through Google’s search engine.

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Google Places Business Listing

Google Places Business Listing

Business Listing Optimization

Increased exposure that is not only directly connected to the physical location of your store, but also implements website information, phone number, address, hours & customer reviews

This gives your potential customers a wealth of information about the company, giving them more incentive and encouragement to make contact with your company, either through online channels or in person. Additionally, this information immediately verifies your legitimacy to your potential customers—an advantage that is hard to gain among the competitive landscape. All of this leads to the biggest benefit of Google Places optimization—businesses with Google Places optimization boast the highest conversion rate among local search results.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Online customer reviews also add additional incentive for potential customers to express interest in your business—this virtual word–of–mouth channel is sometimes more effective than traditional advertising means, due to the nature human tendency to seek additional assurance before committing to a decision.
  • Additionally, proper Google Places optimization allows for exposure on mobile devices—an integral part of drawing more customers to your business.
  • Due to the increase of reliance on mobile devices for our access to digital information, a strong online presence on mobile devices can go a long way towards gaining new customers

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Why Nova?

Nova has placed hundreds of businesses on Google Maps results for our clients, making their stores appear prominently on Google Map search results.

Many local businesses in Toronto with Google Places Optimization through the assistance of Nova gains an advantage over their competitors—their relevant information is immediately displayed and thus is integrated with the customer’s mind as one of the choices for conducting their business. Since most customers will only search up a few options when trying to locate a service or product within their range, priority, and exposure is crucial to increase the chances for conversion. Nova Solutions is able to assist our clients in this aspect by making sure that their business is featured prominently in organic search results through Google Places optimization.

Nova Solutions also provides search engine optimization, or SEO services, which is an integral part of local businesses results in Google’s search algorithms. Since SEO and Google Places work in tandem to generate the most accurate results for users, one cannot function properly without the other. Nova is able to provide professional quality service in both SEO and Google Place optimization, making it both convenient and beneficial for our clients and their online presence.

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Hundreds of Satisfied Clients

If you like, we can provide references from clients who have had their Google Places Business Listing Optimized and Managed by us and now they have increased their exposure.

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Highest Conversion

It is proven that local places exposure has the highest conversion ratio. We deliver Google Local Map results, integrating customer feedback and reviews in one. We have placed 100’s of businesses on Google Map results.

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Local Mobile Exposure

Get local Exposure on Mobile Devices too.

Nova Solutions has achieved targeted Google Places Maps results for countless successful clients- both in Toronto and throughout North America. Let us place you where you need to be.

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