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SEO – Search Engine Optimization


When Google emerged in the mid-00’s, the bar slowly became set for the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now in 2015, SEO has become an almost-mandatory activity for businesses to accurately display their keywords and provide Google with the right information to come up for relevant search terms. Imagine your prospects are looking for a Mississauga massage therapist. They may consider typing the search terms “Mississauga Massage Therapist” into a search engine like Google. But then, over 300,000 results emerge. How does Google determine which is likely the best result for the prospect? It depends on a variety of measures: location, ratings, activity on the website, quality of the website, number of other visitors to the site, feedback Google receives, and the list goes on. This – in a nutshell – is a product of Search Engine Optimization, and after the website, is the next critical component in your Internet Marketing Strategy.

Social Media and More

You and your prospects are online, and these days, spending more time on social media than any other online activity. Are they finding your great business and services on social media? If not, this is an area you will benefit from greatly.

The days of ‘sharing’ work-related information to your friends and family are gone. Prospects are using Facebook for personal and fun reasons. However, there are excellent strategies to help others see your business on social media. These can include strategically crafting messages that resonate with people, creating and sharing information your prospects will find useful – often through the use of Articles, or Blogs – and by assembling advertising campaigns on social media networks that are relevant to your prospect’s behaviour (for instance, Facebook ads).

The potential for business growth with social media is just beginning to make a huge impact on the Internet Marketing area, and we have the right experience to build your online presence using this exciting tool.

SEO & Internet Marketing

Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, or any other social media platform – Nova Solutions can bring all the moving parts of this exciting new advertising platform into one manageable, measurable, and effective solution for your business and branding needs.

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With a track record of excellence and thousands of happy clients, Nova Solutions has the experience, the knowledge, and the passion to take your business to new heights. Work with us and experience the difference of an Internet Marketing company that delivers on its promise – every time, and with every client.

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