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NOVA as a Google Partner

What does being a Certified Google Partner mean to you? First and foremost, it means that working with NOVA Solutions, you can be assured our Pay-Per-Click experts are at the forefront of the latest in Google’s ever-changing algorithms, bringing you the best results and keeping your business ahead of the competitors.

And with thousands of clients and a who’s-who of loyal followers, NOVA Solutions has experience in virtually all industries – ensuring you remain not only relevant, but a leader in your industry – with careful PPC Campaigns and Strategies that align with your business ambitions and goals. At NOVA Solutions, we work with the best, and welcome you to join us!

Working with Nova Solutions

Nova’s PPC Mississauga services come with an Improvement Guarantee that means that you will see a minimum 20% improvement in your pay-per-click services from month to month. How? We confidently employ the biggest leaders and experts in the industry at Nova, and this translates into campaign goals that are not only met – but routinely overachieved. Many of our clients enjoy a 30-50% increase in improvement, and that’s why they remain loyal to Nova Solutions. Read some of our reviews and see how Nova Solutions has helped hundreds of other businesses grow their profit margins with less headache and greater, measurable results.

Pay-Per-Click Advantages

Pay-per-click campaigns are the Swiss-knife of Internet marketing tools in your arsenal. They can be updated quickly, changed based on real-time events happening in your industry, and provide you with a lightning fast means of brand awareness and lead generation – often within a matter of days, and sometimes, even hours.

Aside from being versatile, per-per-click campaigns can also be used to effectively generate new leads in emerging markets – for instance, if your business draws from neighboring locales such as Oakville, Brampton, Etobicoke, or Milton – per-per-click campaigns can be programmed to display in those geographic locations, helping cast your business net wider and drawing in leads from new areas you never imagined possible. That’s the power of per-per-click! And there are many more.

Google Partner

Once a prospect has clicked on a Google Adwords (pay-per-click) link, what happens next? Oftentimes, the messaging in an Adwords Campaign is more succinct and designed to draw a particular demographic. That means instead of sending some of these niche prospects to your company’s main website, you may instead require and benefit from the use of tailored landing pages. Landing Pages are generally more focused than your business website, where you may find many other pages not necessary for a niche prospect. If the call to action on a per-per-click campaign with a Mississauga Dentist is “Book a Consultation!”, sending the prospect to your website may confuse them, where plenty of other pages reside, taking them away from the initial call to action and leading them down a confusing or unnecessary path. This is where landing pages are crucial. They are created in line with the messaging used in the pay-per-click campaign, so the time taken between a ‘click’ to the landing page and a ‘submit’ is minimized – helping you receive greater numbers of qualified leads who know what they’re after. And a more qualified lead means a greater likelihood of converting the sale on your end.

Working together, our team of experts determine the best path for your pay-per-click campaigns. After designing all the necessary components and implementing the strategy, NOVA Solutions will continually monitor, correct, manage, and optimize your pay-per-click campaigns so that you can focus on your business, giving you more freedom to service your clients and increase your profit margins. Meet with Nova Solutions’ expert team, and let’s discuss how best to build your business!

Meet with Nova Solutions’ expert team, and let’s discuss how best to build your business!