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5 Unconventional Website Navigation Systems You Can Learn From

Take a look at some unusual website navigation systems

There are so many features that you can integrate on your website to give it a unique look and feel. One of the most prominent features in any web design is the navigation system. A unique navigation system can set your website apart from your competitors. We’ll take a look at some websites that have managed to pull off unique navigation systems which complement their brand. If it’s inspiration you’re after, these websites will give you some brilliant ideas to pull off your own unique website navigation systems.

1. Faces of power

Let’s start off with the Faces of Power website. These web pages have been beautifully arranged in a unique layout making it easy for anyone to develop an instant interest in presidential history. First off, the home page is very catchy and instead of the presidents being listed in a grid layout, there’s a film-like strip at the very bottom with frames representing each president. We love just how the site has taken advantage of geometric portraits to display its content. There’s a navigation on the right-hand section of the site where you can find more information on each president. This is the perfect example of boring content being presented in a clean and interesting way enticing users to find out more.

2. Curry Explorer

If you’re looking for new ways to present your information on your website, the Curry Explorer Site is a great inspiration. This site has a variety of curries which are presented in an interesting navigation style. The navigation makes it very simple for users to narrow down their choice of curry based on what they prefer.

3. Who Cares Agency

If you’re looking for a new, fun and engaging website navigation system, this is it. The website has a fresh, sci-fi inspired design that gives you an illusion of being far off in a different planet. The design is certainly catchy and different. The use of color in this design helps to further create the illusion of being in a different planet. This is one of those website designs that takes time and attention to detail in order to pull off. There’s no room for laziness in this website navigation system.


This site has really invested in a proper navigation system that seems to simplify its user experience. The site basically allows you to discover music you’ve never heard of before in a very interesting and engaging way. Users get different options to choose from which are not as cliché as what other industry players are using. For instance, users can choose between fast, slow or weird music. You can find classic music from any country you’re interested in.

5. Torque Editions

This website is owned by a publisher and it offers a very creative navigation system that properly displays each printed work they have released. When you navigate through each book, you get to see the cover and more details about the project. It’s so easy to browse through from title to title. The unique navigation in place helps to enhance user experience. Users are actually drawn to the website content simply because the navigation is so easy to use and doesn’t result in a tedious experience.

It’s very easy to choose the common designs and patterns as you try as much as possible to play safe. However, a creative navigation system on your website can take your design to the next level. Don’t be afraid to try out different navigation systems in web design Toronto.

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Good Website Design

How To Make Your Website Stand Out From The Masses?

A good website design is one that reflects your brand’s unique personality. You always want to give visitors a good first impression when they get to your website. What they see and how well they interact with the website determines whether they will come back and use it or even get in touch with you. To make your website stand out from the masses, you can take many different routes. You can create striking content, get innovative and functional features on every page. Perhaps you may want to invest in proper navigation that keeps the website visitors coming back.

Website Navigation


This website has a very simple and clean layout. There are no distractive elements so focus remains on the content. When you hover on any boxed icon, you can view more information. The website also utilizes transitions in a very effective way. A click on the button reveals more options making it easy for the user to navigate the website. One thing the website designer managed to do is to avoid redirecting users to different pages. Information is presented in the same page just below the button. The major disadvantage of this design is that it is not very responsive.



This website has a single page layout that has been uniquely designed to keep viewers interested and focused on the content. Sections of the page are divided using unique lines and shapes. Probably the best thing about this website is its responsive design. All the elements beautifully adjust to your screen while maintaining a good flow. This makes it less cluttered and easy to view.



This website has very unique square sections that make the design look classy and well organized. The website navigation is tucked away at the top-left corner. It doesn’t occupy too much space. The different categories are represented by icons which further helps to conserve space on that end. The site also has a very responsive design. It can be accessed using different devices while maintaining its unique brand appeal and functionality.


Escape Flight

This is probably one of the cleanest designs you’ll come across on this list. Every element that is included into this website makes the page more funky and interesting. The navigation is present at the top-center and is beautifully designed with a travel theme. The website has made good use of drop-down menus. When you identify a location, and click on it, the information appears at the top. It’s so easy to access any content on this website using the navigation menu. It perfectly suits the busy traveler.

Escape Flight


They say including a navigation that is very unfamiliar to users is very risky but this is something Tsto website managed to pull off quite well. In each corner of the screen, you’ll notice a navigation element that offers more information on what is being showcased. The descriptive information stands out in pink letters. The site has a very clear and workable design. The title of the project that is being displayed stands out in pink.


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